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Soft porn wasn’t my cup of titillation.

But Cameron Porn, a side project from London creatives Henrik Düfke & Felipe Montt could be  just enough, well, I’ll leave that for you to finnish off – literally.

Enjoy their SFW wank material.

Just don’t get caught with your hood down.


Throwback Thursday

1971 was an unforgettable year for the motoring industry.  The MK1 Golf gti was established.  42 years later, the beautifully ugly front-wheel drive hatchback still turns me on. So grab a box of tissues and enjoy throwback Thursday.




Sweet sweet Aretha Franklin


Photography – Engagement Ring


A weekend in Broadstairs, Kent

Click HERE for better quality.

Safe Sex – 1940’s style

via Boing Boing

…cranking the camera, changing the world with every turn.

It was only the other day I was speaking a young film directed who wanted to achieve this ‘grainy, vintage’ look.  What goes around certainly comes back round again. A beautiful, mesmerising piece of history. Kodak 1922 Kodachrome Film Test

Summer = Hawaiian Shirts (authentic).

Summer is hurtling towards us, winter clothes are boxed and back at the parents’ home in the garage.  The pastel colours, flip-flops, vests and lashings of skin are finding their way back in the open air.  There is one other thing I’ll be introducing back to the world:  The Hawaiian Shirt. Before you FALLOFFCHAIRLAUGHOUTLOUD, take

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