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A weekend in Broadstairs, Kent

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8/50: The Lady sucks…


Thailand 2010

10 Hours of footage from my 10 day adventure of Thailand have finally been edited down to something a little more manageable.

This is the longest video I’ve ever done, so feedback would be gratefully received.

Grumpy Monday: “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY – the only day in the year I wouldn’t mind being single”

Today is the day where most men become under severe pressure to throw a large amount of their monthly wage towards a bunch of clichéd flowers, an extremely expensive, yet below “star” meal for two.  And, last but not least, a present that strikes an emotional chord with your loved one, not your bank. Thank

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November ’10 in 60 seconds


Another year, another present – “It’s that time of year again when a thunderbolt strikes the side of your head”

It’s that time of year again when a thunderbolt strikes the side of your head, bringing along the pressures one might experience if trapped underground in Chile for 69 days. I love buying presents – my only fault is that I buy what I like, forgetting who I’m buying for (this isn’t a problem to

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April in 60 seconds (HD)

I’ve still not worked out how to embed my videos in HD, so PLEASE click HERE to watch April in 60 seconds in High DEF. Comments welcome.

#5/50 The Lady’s Bling Rings

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#3/50 The Lady’s lippy.

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#1/50 – The Lady’s Jewels.

I’ve been inspired by @dalai_lager to join the FiftyFifty flickr group and upload an image a day, from my new 7D.  My target is 50/50.  Let me know what you think.