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Today’s WTF?! “This is Our Youth: ONM (One Note Music)”


Guilty pleasure?

Apologies for the lack of Grumpy Monday this week, it was however a Bank Holiday and it’s the only day I try and remove myself from the world of digital. I’ll be back next week, but in the meantime, here is a site that will piss off a few people. >YOU HEAR IT< Turn up

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In the name of art – really?

What a bunch of nincompoops! I imagine this is what they do behind closed doors at Central Saint Martins. CrAzY. Via The Daily What

This is fabulous – Kristof Luyckx & Michele Vanparys

Music and video – MEGA. Watch it in full scale HERE. via @Kitsunenoir

Random Writings #1 Pain

The tip of the tongue presses against the wall, it begins to weep.  The colour is neutral, a dense sensation, blood like.  The spit is clear.  Sensitivity strikes at anytime, no organisation, no warning, just bang; lighting strikes down to the core.  The opposite side becomes jealous – I don’t know why, it weeps. There

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The Beard Monster

Erm WTF?! ] Via TFR