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Marrakech calling

Every once in a while it’s good to stop what you’re doing, ‘pause…proper pauses that build gaps in your life’ (via Thom Yorke).

Over the past three months I’ve done quite the opposite.

Life was worked harder, longer and faster.

Almost to the point of existence.

SFX:  miniature violins.  

A pause was needed.

Marrakech, next stop.

No iPhone and everything else that comes with it.

A welcomed pause from life as it was.

But of course, it’s never that easy to fully pause, switch off and do nothing, is it.

Below are a few images that I couldn’t help but snap.

Nothing less.  Nothing more.




2012 in 60 seconds.

What a year.

Thank to all those that commented, shared and jumped on board of A Month in 60 Seconds.

Let there be more filming in 2013.


A month in 60 seconds – December 2012

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The Fixer’s Manifesto


Grumpy Monday

What a day.  What a Monday.

It was a day I wished I’d never opened my eyes.

A day for dreaming from the comfort of my bed.

A day for happy thoughts that pulsated every inch of my body.

But no.

Today my eyes opened.

Today my dream was a nightmare.

Today I galloped forward and backwards at the same time.

Today was another 13 hour shift.

Today was indeed Grumpy Monday.

Sound familiar?

Here’s a doodle to help picture today.

Look familiar?

This link made my Monday less grumpy.  Enjoy.


Film – A month in 60 seconds (October)








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Grumpy Monday – “Acid talk?”

My brain is somewhere between my head and my arse.  My reflection says it all. I stand there, one man experiencing life subjectively. Acid talk?  It could explain the poor latency my reflection is experiencing. The mesmerising blur draws me in deeper and deeper.  My head collides with the mirror, whipping me back to reality

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Life via 7D *UPDATE*














Grumpy Monday: Decision, decision and more fucking decisions…

It’s never been a problem.  NEVER.  But this is different.  This is another league, which I’m in no rush to be promoted to, no matter how much pressure one is under. Anything-below 100%, you know the time isn’t right  – timing hasn’t been so kind. Like the knot, involuntary enticed in a vicious game of

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Grumpy Monday – “double fisted, ready to smash it up…”

How many kicks to the balls can you take before realising that the world is full of cunts – 57 AND counting. 2010 was the year of the door.  They opened and they closed – on my fingers. But like chumbawamba – “I get knock down, but I get up again…” 2011 is all about

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