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We say farewell to the #fookinglegend @fooksstuff

I met @fookstuff 4 years ago in the reception of dare.  He was wearing a t-shirt with a couple of mallards on it (to which he still denies).  He still wears that t-shirt.  Anyway, he’s played a huge part of of making dare who they are – atmospherically.  And I could go as far to say that he’s had a part to play in my life too – I can now down 15 pints withut puking.

So, we at dare went that little extra and created our first digital leaving card that scraped in all the dirt @fooksstuff tried to keep away from us.

Check it out —> fookinlegend.thisisdare.com

Leaving speech

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And finally…part 4



Ian Fooks


Steve Buscemi



DOODLES – Me beating @fooksstuff at tennis

True LAD or Shit LAD?

“A mate, on 99 birds shagged, takes back a girl he’d been for drinks with. We (his housemates) all hide behind furniture in the living room when he came back. He starts his foreplay and asks her if she’d mind if he wore cricket gloves whilst they had sex, since it was a bit of

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