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Latest work – #bespokeballads

18 months in the making.  Go get some. You’ve only got Friday to go. So get tweeting #bespokeballads for the chance to have your tweeter feed transformed into a bespoke ballad by Brett Domino and the trio, Rathergood, David Elms or Liz Peters and Katy Schutte. Prepare to cry with laughter… More bespoke ballads —>

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Check out this nize and simple idea “Twitollower” from the wonderful @ciaraomeara – you should also go HERE and see @floheiss for similar works.

She’s definitely caught my handsome side.


Harry Hill – The Greatest* Nut Artist in the World – The Event

It was a pleasure working with the legend that goes by the name…Harry Hill.

1st Part of the idea

2nd Part of the idea – The event


Harry Hill draws your profile pic on his crunch nuts.

Just a little something we’ve created at dare.

Watch it and get involved – or I’ll kick your **** in.


“Here come…thisisdare”

A little short video I rustled up in 5 minutes this morning – I can’t say anymore.

See the full scale version HERE.

The Hood.

Grantham is my hood and this is where I be for the rest of the week, as I attempt to write my first mini, factual, insightful adventure.  First I need to get into the mood so I whip off my socks to unleash those size 10 surfboards and lay them to rest on the spongy

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Epileptics worst nightmare.

Here is a very ‘boss’, yet pointless link from the all mighty Flo Heiss. Click HERE and prepare yourself for a mesmerizing experience. The mouse control makes me hard.

R.I.P Colin

He may be dead, but his inspiration will live on forever.

Dave Trott vs Blonde Bimbo live on GMTV.

Is advertising to blame for binge drinking? Below is what Flo Heiss thought… Re: Is advertising to blame? Is the English language responsible for swearwords? Is the pan responsible for food poisoning? Is the telephone is responsible for blackmail? Is the internet to blame for porn? GMTV = Daily Mail TV.

A Proud moment

Bazil has made the big time. Ok, The Sun. Join his flickr group to see more photo crashes, or even to add your own.