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Latest work – #bespokeballads

18 months in the making.  Go get some. You’ve only got Friday to go. So get tweeting #bespokeballads for the chance to have your tweeter feed transformed into a bespoke ballad by Brett Domino and the trio, Rathergood, David Elms or Liz Peters and Katy Schutte. Prepare to cry with laughter… More bespoke ballads —>

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Advertising – The Stand Up Kid

Here’s a short film my [creative] partner and I create for the charity Time to Change.  Directed by the talented Tony Barry.

Would love to know what you think.


Film – A month in 60 seconds

Welcome to March 2012 in 60 seconds.

Here’s my cheeky edit.

@steven_dodd ‘s hilarious edit.

@laura_j_davies ‘s edit from across the pond.

And finally…

@wheres_my_owl ‘s “baffoon” edit.

Fancy a go?

Visit A month in 60 seconds for me deets.


A month in 60 seconds – January 2012