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The night before your first day at a new advertising agency…





First day back to work…

…after being ambushed by Bronchitis 7 days ago.

Current state of mind, surreally summed up by the talented Mr Cyriak.


#bespokeballads – Shoot

Latest work – #bespokeballads

18 months in the making.  Go get some. You’ve only got Friday to go. So get tweeting #bespokeballads for the chance to have your tweeter feed transformed into a bespoke ballad by Brett Domino and the trio, Rathergood, David Elms or Liz Peters and Katy Schutte. Prepare to cry with laughter… More bespoke ballads —>

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Pain isn’t supposed to be funny, but secretly, it is, isn’t it? Especially when it’s someone you know who’s getting the football in the groin.

For Red Nose Day, the creative folk of Dare gave you all something else to laugh at.  Our bodies, all shapes and sizes, became targets for you to shoot at. With a paintball gun!  What we didn’t realise is that a paintball gun fires paintballs at a skin slapping 220mph. OOOOOOUCH!

Heroically, that didn’t faze us.

Our pain will be Comic Relief’s gain.

For more blurb on RED BUM DAY – blog post —> thisisdare.com/blog/red_bum_day

OR watch the video below.


2012 in 60 seconds.

What a year.

Thank to all those that commented, shared and jumped on board of A Month in 60 Seconds.

Let there be more filming in 2013.


Agency Christmas card

I’m still waiting to see a decent agency Christmas card 2012.

The only one that’s raised my penis to its full glory is this outrageously MEGA idea from Johnny and AngusCrapping Paper™.

I wish I’d done it.  Slaps to the back.

We at Dare decided to focus our talent on something a little different.

Shelter needed a hand highlighting the following fact,

“This year, 75,000 children in Britain will be homeless at Christmas.”

Yeah, what a bummer.

Below is a cinema / online film we created on a shoestring budget, in a mere two weeks.

Have a look.  Donate.  And please share with your networks.

Kudos to all involved.


Photography – Warner Post-it Board


Advertising – The Stand Up Kid

Here’s a short film my [creative] partner and I create for the charity Time to Change.  Directed by the talented Tony Barry.

Would love to know what you think.


When someone in the office is listening to TRAVIS…OUT LOUD.