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So long, Christmas…





Bring on 2014…



A month in 60 seconds – December 2012

For more 60 seconds of festivities, click —> A MONTH IN 60 SECONDS



…in Ukraine, it’s snowing – SNOWING INSIDE THE MOFO SUBWAY TRAIN!



Merry Christmas


Agency Christmas card

I’m still waiting to see a decent agency Christmas card 2012.

The only one that’s raised my penis to its full glory is this outrageously MEGA idea from Johnny and AngusCrapping Paper™.

I wish I’d done it.  Slaps to the back.

We at Dare decided to focus our talent on something a little different.

Shelter needed a hand highlighting the following fact,

“This year, 75,000 children in Britain will be homeless at Christmas.”

Yeah, what a bummer.

Below is a cinema / online film we created on a shoestring budget, in a mere two weeks.

Have a look.  Donate.  And please share with your networks.

Kudos to all involved.


Photography – Broadstairs Christmas Lights


Christmas just got dildo whipped.

I salute you Leo x


December 2011 in 60 seconds

Check out my group “A month in 60 seconds”

Have a go and upload.



Twelve Days of Christmas (Indian Version)

“If I had a vagina I’d marry myself…Merry Christmas…eat curry”

Father Christmas Letters

Will you be getting a letter from Father Christmas?