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Commuters: 2012

This is a sweet short film.  So pure and simple.  I would give away my last line of cocaine to see a London version.

Alas, it will never happen*

Your cover will be blown. You’ll be called a pedophile, punched in the face and left for dead – waking up in prison with a sore arse.

Back to the video.

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Film – November 2012 in 60 seconds

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Film – August in 60 seconds


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Film – July 2012 in 60 seconds


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London 2012 Olympics


Film – June 2012 in 60 seconds

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July is gonna be HUGE.  Hold on tight.


Film – A month in 60 seconds – May 2012


via @Wheres_my_owl

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Photography – Centre Parcs Elveden Forest

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The Rogue Taxidermy Biennial 2012

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Film – A month in 60 seconds

Welcome to March 2012 in 60 seconds.

Here’s my cheeky edit.

@steven_dodd ‘s hilarious edit.

@laura_j_davies ‘s edit from across the pond.

And finally…

@wheres_my_owl ‘s “baffoon” edit.

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