Born in India, raised in the UK.

I’m not a doctor, dentist or a banker. So what about a lawyer? Nope, I’m not one of those either. It’s fair to say, I’m not your stereotypical Indian, much to my father’s dismay.

He did try for many years to persuade me that those 4am starts, 365 days a year, running the family business was the best I could do.

Alas, the dream of his son taking control of the cornershop went well past its sell by date.

Here I am.  A conceptual thinker at heart, busting my balls in the world of Advertising as a “creative”, crafting words and pictures for The Agency of the Decade: This is Dare.

Any spare time I may have is dedicated to my personal projects: writing a comedy drama, A Month in 60 Seconds, directing and experiencing with film, taking a photo a day, blogging…the list is endless.

Industry —> ROB AND DIP

Personal —> Dipesh.Mistry SKILLS 


Pint? —> bitchbag@me.com 

*All the spiel you find on here has everything to do 
with me, and nothing to do with my employer.

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