Willow “I whip my hair back and fourth” Smith is BACK.

This has to be a joke of sorts?

Willow “I whip my hair back and forth” Smith is back with her SECOND album.

Yes.  SECOND album.

Here is a ‘song’ from that so-called SECOND album.

But I must warn you before you go ahead and listen.

Your mind will be raped.

Be warned.

Within seconds of hearing Willow’s voice, she’ll enter your mind, whip its pants down and fuck it up for the next 4 to 5 minutes.

Once finished, your life will be a constant battle between sugar and spice.

Willow wails “they wanna punch me and wonder why I bleed”  –  obviously you haven’t been punched hard enough if you only bleed.

And that ending.  If only it were some kind of the freak accident or even better, a prank; the classic bin above the door trick, but instead a pot of acid waits for Willow’s return from the shitter, eventually falling from above and slowly melting her existence from the universe – now that would be a YouTube clip to pistol-whip Gangnam style.

Anyway.  Willow, keep at it.

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