If there was an award for the most unluckiest man this year, I’d like to think there would be an nomination for me.  Some cunt stole my bag, from under my feet, last Thursday at the Crown and Sceptre.  Now, I don’t believe for one minute that I’ll see a return to any of my property, but I thought I’d try.

 Would love to find this…lots of ideas, ideas for short films, my comedy drama etc…

had one spray use….

There are other bits and blobs: memory cards, camera batteries, a charger, wallet, house keys…

Oh, and this…

My work’s MBP retina display.  Lucky cuntfuckwits.  No doubt it’s been wiped and sold.  September in 60 seconds is gone.  So too is some work, but nothing I can’t get back down on paper.

That’s the second time this year.  Boy I need to start seeing some good luck.

There is a massive reward for any property that returns to me, especially my notebook. As you were.

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