Unite V is here!

Love advertising, but need a helping foot through the door?

Have a portfolio, but wondering whether it’s fit for AIS or W&K?

Need a hug or a punch in the face?

Well, it could be your lucky day.

That day is May 9th.

Why?  UNITE V are back for their fifth time.

Still not convinced?  Read on.

I’ve only heard great things about this event (Paul, you owe me a tenner).

At Unite V, there’s an opportunity for you to get on the radar of an agency and who knows, you could also be walking away with a placement…or if your book blows in the right direction…a job could be yours.  It’s happened before, so it could happen again.  Remember, out of mind out of job.

On the flip slip, there’s also an opportunity to have your portfolio grilled, eaten and chewed up, and then spat straight back out in disgust.  This is a good thing.  One of the pivotal moments I personally will never forget as a team, seeking placement, a job.  Remember, seek criticism not praise.  It’s the only way you’ll learn and move forward.

Convinced, yaar?

Time is running out (for teams – 3pm deadline – today).

Go —> UNITE V for more deets.

See you on the 9th May?

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