Del Tha Funky Homosapien – Catch A Bad One


People havin memory loss, they don’t remember I’m the boss

You’re claustrophobic, when I close in

In on your men and your faculty, you wack’ll be

out my face, you must be basin if you think

that you could tackle the triumphant, I pump it, the volume

Increase as you mieces get sliced to pieces

Please listen to my album

Even if you’re white like talcum and unpaid get’cha stayin

Tuned with my tune and I presume and see doom, designated

yo anyone who stated

A word against me, I serve an MC, simply

Put like my foot up your anus, ya Shamus

Tryin to get over, I’ma go for mine

You know the time now that I’m older I’m gonna

rip niggaz heads with the said salutations

Introducing Del and his bid for boostin tails

of my adventures, attempt to try

and you will limp or die, whichever I choose, you lose

Crews get ashamed cause we blame ’em for bitin

You might win, if you start writin, and stop fightin

No time for games

I’ll rearrange my vocals in your headphones

I hold ’til I get a answer

Acknowledge and abolish all the wack records

Hieroglyphics, you know, repected

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Who caught the harm? You bought the farm

If you’re a friend, there’s no need for alarm


I get juiced when I let loose a little of my cleverness

Up under my follicles with no mousse

Choose your weapon, you kept steppin

You’re swept in a hurricane, Del’ll blow your brain

So your next generations of youth will be facin the truth

And the truth is I’ll leave you with the loose tooth

Gums get split if you bit

I’ll extract the truth out your ass like I’m standin in the pulpit

Or a lie dectector wrecked ya sector, when you’re standing

I can swing, branding, expanding, on what I’m handing

to the people, cause we will, and you can’t say

a damn thing about it, if you doubt it

You’re already outta line, so let me remind your behind

About the switch which I used to bruise your bottom

That little nigga tried to cut, I caught him

He didn’t think that I would see that

So be that, and be off the D cause we rap

We sap the strength and lap the length around the whole course of time

and still got the time to unwind



Weak MC’s make me earl

Earl as your world is crushed because I gotta make you hush

You gotta be eliminated, the way I demonstrate it

you hate it, but still I am the greatest

Like a boxer, I’ma knock your socks off

Nowhere to run to, exits are blocked off

Steadily I’m dissin men, I hope you’re listenin

Brothers like my flow

Others ride my jock like a bicycle, but I’m psycho

Fools try to play me like Tyco, gotsta pull the rifle

Daisy, graze the ass with the bee-bee

It comes speedy, sign the peace treaty

Or you’ll be needin

Medical attention when I leave you bleedin

Throw a monkey wrench in your program

crammed up your ass and it’s just too bad, son

Catch a bad one

[Chorus] – 1X

[Final Chorus]

Who caught the harm? You bought the farm

If you’re a friend, there’s no need for alarm

Who caught the harm? You bought the farm

If you’re a foe I’m gonna break your fuckin arm!


KnowhatI’msayin? Peace

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