Grumpy Monday “We’re all doomed”

We’re all doomed.  “Chavalanches” are raining down on to the streets of London as I type – the cause is still unknown.

To be frank, East London deserves a good kicking – we all know that.  But leave the South out of it.

If this were India, each and every one of those looters would have been shot dead by now.

One hundred, 400 hundred, or even a thousand less doorknobs in the world.

What a tragedy – [enter sarcasm here].

Would love to stay and moan a little more, but I must dash before the cunts ransack my pad in Clapham.

Before I leave, here are a few links that will make this Monday less grumpy:

Fuck the police.  We need more people like this…

If failing that, we need people that are more like this…

Be safe, London.

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