Grumpy Monday “Change is happening – slowly, admittedly.”

Change, it’s a fucker, isn’t it?  Well, I’ve laid out my thoughts and there’s no going back – that’s for pussy motherfuckers.

Last week…I ate badly and drank triple my weight in booze.  Not at all the start I wanted. But, I did reconnect with a couple of old friends, AND made some new discoveries.

Firstly, we have Phil. It was the first time in 4 years that I’ve been to The Social, sober.  It was pleasant and rather enjoyable.  This has much to do with the very, VERY talent…Michael Kiwanuka.  This 23 year old breath of fresh air is unfortunately going mainstream.  If only he could stay underground…check him out NOW.

Secondly, we have Louise.  I love steak, but have never been to Gauchos.  My virginity was delicately swept away in a meat frenzy. The service was great, the food & wine was mega and the toilets were splendid.  I also learnt that the rump cut is the healthiest.  Apparently it’s all about the buttocks.  Louise is moving to Hong Kong in September.  I’ve always wanted to go back and checkout the rural side of HK.  But, before she leaves I promised to take her to Hip Hop karaoke at The Social.  Watch this space.

Change is happening – slowly, admittedly.

My mission for the next two weeks is to go sober (only wine with homemade food).  My reward is to be able to drink heavily in Estonia.   However, I can already smell the failure in the air – or is that ale?

Concentrate. It’s time to embark on my fitness plan and bike home, then lay into my body with a Swiss ball.  Tomorrow is going to hurt.

As always, it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t leave you with a hint of happiness on this grump Monday:

Greenpeace are mental!

Strange Music Vid

Bill Maher: The Weinerlogues with Jane Lynch

Have you ever had a dream?

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