Grumpy Monday – “I hate vinegar. It’s reeks of chavness and underage sex”

Today, I have beef with the people who eat stinky foods on the underground.

It was only 8am, when my grumpy senses began to tingle.

I’d just stepped on to the tube when all of a sudden, a horrendous whiff of vinegar pushed aside the smell of cheap aftershave (“Joop” the best a junior account man get) making its way straight up my nose, making my brain bleed of anger.

I sneeze, x4.

Vinegar.  A smell one would not like to experience first thing on Monday morning, on public transport.

My eyes began to scan for the lowlife that’s offended my snout.

The cause cannot be found.

I hate vinegar.  It’s reeks of chavness and underage sex.

We stop at Victoria and the broad shouldered beast from the east shuffled off the carriage – my view is crystal.

There it was, sitting there without a care in the world.

It wasn’t a pretty sight, both seats either side available for those who dare sit beside the stench – not one person did.

The midnight snack! I say midnight, because who in their educated mind would eat, what looked like a kebab, but smelt like haddock & chips on a packed carrige of the underground, on Monday morning?

[Insert vicious playground names here]

I never did find the culprit, but who knows, they could have tripped on their shoelace and suffered horrendous facial damage as they were introduced to the concrete pavement – if only.

Luckily for me, there have been a couple of clips that have made this Monday less grumpy:

2010 Salt Lake City Grand National Champions

More AMAZING pigeon photos HERE.

Also, I’m back on the dog hunt – CHOW CHOW is winning.

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