Grumpy Monday “ Stop being a cunt and turn your music down…”

Blow me down and viciously stamp down on my ears until I can no longer hear reality.

The Underground is full of conversations and sounds that I really can’t be arsed with first thing in the morning:  “Can you move down please”  “This weekend I slept with 4 birds…”

Usual, my ears are protected from rape, because my Sennheiser headphones  have the power to fend off the evil sounds of the underground – so good, that I sometimes miss my stop as I’m fully immersed within a music coma.

However, this morning I forgot them – [insert offensive word]

So, it had to be today; squashed into a crowded carriage, involuntarily standing next to a cunt that was whistling whilst listening to a house remix of a Justin Bieber song.

Within the first couple of seconds, I gave my first “stop being a cunt and turn your music down” face – and so to did the other people in the carriage.

The results were offensively opposite.  On came another Bieber remix, the whistling grew louder, as if he were the girl who caught the prize twat.

In my mind, these kinds of people are just as bad as the narrow-minded fuckwits who use their shit pay-as-you phones as ghetto blasters that struggle to handle bass and the treble of a SO SOLID TRACK that was never released – because it’s massively shit.

Sit back, seat belts on and listen to what I’m gonna play below to make this Monday less grumpy:




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