Grumpy Monday – today I hate…

Today I HATE 2 things (there is more, but I’m far too angry and busy to give a shit):

1. The iron.

It’s exceptionally shit.  I’m finding out that you do actually get what you pay for.  £10 gets you an iron that doesn’t iron – quirky, don’t you think?

Recently it’s been marked by Zorro, or some other mysterious man / women who fucked up their own ironing, resulting in the irons emerging talent of leaving sporadic black marks on the whitest of whites.

My chinos were violated this morning.  Not cool – parading around Creative Circle tonight.

2.  Work & Life balance

Saturdays were never made for hangovers.  So why the fuck has my weekends become about as proactive as a crack whore with a stitched up vagina – why?

Personal projects are growing tall like the twin towers, but really need to be executed circa 2001.  I fear for my creativity, I don’t want to be known as an “I had that idea” kind of person – cunts.  My core is rotting.  Must do something about this.


It’s time to digress and indulge in the little pockets of joy that are making this Monday less grumpy:




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