Grumpy Monday – “Bubba” is adorable, but…

Silence is shattered by an uninvited sound.

The kick has been kicked and I’m back to reality from a desirable limbo.


Neither of us managed more than 4 hours kip.

Alas, it’s my turn to entertain this morning.

The Lady gets a beauty makeover.

“Bubba” is adorable, but my patience is seriously being fucked with.

Is this how the story goes?

A question without an answer.

If you’ve got the answer, or a suggestion, please share.

In the meantime, these are the clips that have made my Monday less grumpy:

1. The secrets about Boardwalk…

2. Gino DAcampo Cooks NAKED Live On This Morning

3. SHAKEDOWN – a feature length documentary film

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