Justin “Canadian brat-attack” Bieber

Who the fuck does this little, immature prick think he is?

How dare he fly over from Canada and rape the minds of the sweet and innocent 10 – 16 year old girls from around the world – including my niece.

I’ll gladly tell you who he is.

He was born with several large “polished” spoons lodged inside his mouth.  Unfortunately, there was a teeny gap so he could breathe.

His mother was most certainly pushy, but what kind of mother would like a pathetic, weasel looking, cock-sure brat that doesn’t have a pinch of talent – a crack whore.

His music is less than satisfactory.  F –

He can’t even mime.

His taste in fashion is somewhat similar to the world of Lego – get a fucking haircut or sack your stylist (his mum, I’m guessing).

He’s a fad, and by the time puberty pokes through to the other side, he will be forgotten.

Do us all a favour and visit Boots with your mum and get her to buy you some razors blades.

There is a plus side.

Your mum will have enough money (that reeks of death) to pursue her career as crack whore (full-time), without the constant worry of having to change your diaper every 10 minutes.

Do her a favour and do US all a favour – fuckoff and die.

Below are a couple of clips that reinforce my rant and a couple of clips that wouldn’t have happened without him:

This bitch is over.

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