Grumpy Monday – “less than purrfect”

I’ve just returned home from an epically busy day.

Words have been written, and words have been erased.

It’s there.  We think.

An hour down can bring any man to his knees.

My alarm clock has been replaced.

The “quack” at 6.45am is now a “meow” at 5.45am.

The “meow” soon becomes ‘MEOW’.

Getting louder by the yawn.

I’m up.

This is less than purrfect.

Do I attempt to regain peace and serenity, or accept reality?

I lay there dazed and wide-awake.

Will that dam cat ever calm down?

Gun or knife?

Anyone know a taxidermist?

As I wait for the chilli to seep into the chicken, I’ll quickly share those clips that have made my Monday less grumpy:

1. Continuing on the sex theme

2. Jurassic Park Theme (1000% Slower)

3. Idiotbox streaker gets exactly what he deserves.

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