Grumpy Monday – Back to work.

The streets are littered with vaginas – more than usual.

I blame the sales.

Attracts the wrong kind of people.

Those without manners.

Not even a pinch.

Their elbows do the talking.

Makes going back to work harder then it should be.

Fast forward to February please.

Other things that are currently making my Monday that little bit grumpier:

1.  Hangovers – cider does horrid things to the mind.

2.  Mess – why can’t people tidy up after themselves?

3.  Sunday TV – dull.

4.  Sales – I want I want I want, but can’t afford.

5.  Tourists – please practise your emergency stop off the pavement.

Just before I embark on my first day back, I’ll provide a selection of clips that will help ease those Monday morning blues:

Russians are at it again:

Ever wondered why we can’t walk straight?

Remember dramatic Chipmonk?  Meet its feral friend.

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