Day 1 – Beer free zone

As the clouds gather from above, my mind is laced with mischief and temptation down below – why do we make promises that we know we won’t keep?

“I won’t drink beer for a month” – my mouth spurted out.

The Lady laughed so hard she cried, immediately setting the challenge by placing a £50 bet that I would fail dramatically.

But I’m ready to prove her wrong and more importantly I’m eager to allow my body to restore to its healthy state.

This is the year for detox, mind body and soul – cleansed.

Getting rid of the beer (and gut) is just the start.  I can do it, honestly, how difficult can it be?

So, wish me luck on my first day of detox.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting some extra resolutions up for consideration.

Time to put the kettle on.

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