Grumpy Monday – It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Plans have been thrown into chaos, planes grounded, trains cancelled and roads transformed into ice rinks that no-one can skate on without being seriously injured.

People are panicking, people are dying and people are now looking for someone to blame.  But seriously, is there really anyone else to blame apart from oneself?

Or do you find it easier to blame BA or the Government or even the guy in the sky.

Why are we moaning about the possibility of having a white Christmas?  It’s something I wished for as a child and would love to experience as a homeowner.

Ok, so I’ve not been majorly shafted up the arse by a Boeing 747 – unlike my Aussie tenants.  Their Christmas and New Year has been cancelled by BA – truly fuming.

I would ask them to join me in Grantham, but that would be like rubbing salt against the clit.

But as it stands, right here right now, I’m thoroughly enjoying this freakish but huggable weather and I can’t wait to head up north to see some old faces.

Here are a few links that will see you through to the New Year.

Happy Christmas Peeps and thanks for following.  The blog will be back with a bump next year – or shoot me.

1. Advertising is like doing the hurdles

via @Awoooooga

2. Advertising will make you do this.

3. This is the best Christmas Card this year (IMO)


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