Grumpy Monday: “If you must watch Jersey Shore, watch a silent version”

The days of “Bevis & Butthead” and “Yo mtv raps” have long disappeared off the scripts of MTV, no longer making it a destination for uber cool people – like me and possibly you.

A selection of “fine family” reality shows now pollute the airwaves, enough to make any healthy person keel over and die like an obese person who has ate one too many mars bars.

Welcome, Jersey Shore – a take from the “real world”.  Really?  NO.

I’m confused as to who watches “fine family” reality shows.  I’m guessing dysfunctional, non-intellectual types that come from broken homes, living in a lap of luxury thanks to people like you and me.

I tell you now, those tower blocks may look grim from the outside but on the inside it’s fit for the middle class – 50in 3D TV, SKY 3D (full package), PS3, Bose surround sound speakers that enhance their reality TV experience and possibly a Monet thrown in because they can.

Or what about the simpletons that hail from Essex.  You know the ones, layers of fake tan, fake tits, fake hair, fake teeth, fake fucking everything – I believe they have their own show now.

If you must watch Jersey Shore, watch a silent version.

I hope they make other silent edits – The only way is Essex, I’m a celebrity…

So what am I watching?  I suggest you watch the follow to help ease those grumpy Monday blues, but more importantly, help ease you off those horrendously bad reality “fine family reality shows’ you have become addicted to.

TV: Him and Her (old, but worth a second showing)

TV: The Trip – WATCH IT.

Film: Pierrepoint (true reality)

YT: Strange, short clips (learn something new every day)

And it wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t leave some random bits for you to enjoy, so here they are:


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