Grumpy Monday – Mucusville

The slippery secretion slowly crawls down the nasal passage, inadvertently building the biggest snot dam I’ve ever encountered.

This is one type of flu that doesn’t need exaggerating – believe me.

Sleeping becomes far too complicated, tossing and turning, turning and tossing –like taking acid and then going on the waltzers for the duration of the trip.

The search for a remedy continues.  Going to work isn’t working.  Think my bed deserves another chance.

This is all I need 2 weeks before I move into my new pad.  2 weeks before I pack and unpacked.  2 weeks before I break my back trying to carry 2 3-seater sofas up 6 flights of stairs.  2 weeks before I spend hours on a phone trying to arrange internet connection. And, the one I’m dreading, 2 weeks before I’m well and truly SKINT.

This has to be one the grumpiest Mondays to date and no matter how funny, surreal or shocking the following clips are, there is no sign of a smile from my bearded face.

Enjoy those Monday blues.

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