Grumpy Monday – agony

Saturday morning, I’m up before the birds for once, Smoke & Mirror’s 48H film comp all in my head.

The theme:  “Size”

A quick glance at the rules and my mood changes dramatically, as if terrorists had hijacked my mind.

The first rule of entering a competition is to read the fucking rules and then read them again and then read them out loud so you ‘get it’.

As a result of my stupidity, I found myself out of the competition.


After the 39th “fuck”, I decided it’s blessing in disguise.  Time’s on no-ones side when you have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a film, but that just added to my ‘weekend-mare’.

The agony does not subside.

This weekend I discovered:

Broadstairs is a delightful place, even more so when a food festival is on. Lovely people, pedigree dogs, succulent home-made food and cider that would bring people back from the dead.


For once my stomach became my worst enemy.  Sitting in the back of a car isn’t for me.  I’m a driver, someone who likes to be in front, behind the wheel, in control of the pedals.

Red wine is now my favorite tipple, but why does it have to make your feces turn espresso brown?

Old people are interesting and that you should go speak to one every week – this is a little clue to my Smoke & Mirrors 48H film.

And finally:  Buying a house.

It’s not easy, I know, but why hasn’t someone looked into making the process less ball-achingly slow, frustrating and tiring?  There are far too many forms that need printing, copied, signing and sent back.  Couldn’t this be done in one go?

Also, I don’t expect someone I’m paying a lot of money to execute a fuckup like a 7 year old dyslexic paraplegic.  Who the fuck is Mr Wong?  It’s not even a typo, just an outright fuck up.

The agony does not subside.

People keep saying that it will be worth it.  I do hope so, or I’ll find every single one of you and shoot you down.

In the meantime, dig into these links that have made grumpy Monday a little less grumpier:

Can’t wait to see this:

This is just hilarious:

Remember Dion Dublin?  Click HERE to find out what he’s up to.

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