Grumpy Monday – time to move, time to buy.

The cranium walls slowly crawl towards each other, brain ache becomes stronger by the inch, pain becomes a familiar face, the payoff so close, yet so far and unbelievable.

The days of UCAS, forms and more forms, I sign on the dotted line like the nodding dog on the back parcel shelf of an old Ford Mondeo.

This time my attention is needed, a signature won’t just do, my life is my guarantor.

Mortgage advisors, financial advisors, solicitors, landlords, join account, arguments, tears passion, IBS: the gauntlet before your dream becomes reality.

They shatter upon realizing what must go – sacrifice.

30 could be the perfect excuse, the starting point.

A change of scenery, a place that triggers inspiration, a place that I call home.

The escapism should be my home, not wanting to escape from it.

29th October is going to end in tears, first through pain and ending with joy.

The bastard phone is ringing again.

Here are some links that should help ease your Monday morning blues.

First you see this…

…then you get the auto-tuned version.

This is something I suggest you watch and then follow (click HERE for the larger scale)

Like DJ Yoda?  You will like this ‘little’ (2 hours +) megamix


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