Grumpy Monday – and the beat goes on.

Thorpe Park, a destination for thrill seekers, people who love to be thrown around safely, yet recklessly at the extortionate price of £38 EACH!

It’s known that I’m not a massive fan. However, Thursday 9th September I braved and conquered the fear of white-knuckle rides.

Stealth, Colossus and even Saw had nothing on me that day.

I did a 60 second edit of my view from the queue at Thorpe Park.

The other change in my life, you could say, is scarier, dictating the way I flow on from here.

The Lady’s parents met mine.  It was interesting…

I won’t go into anymore detail, because I’ve got other things on my balls…

Another day in advertising, another brief bites the dust.

I’m surprised I haven’t gone bold with frustration.

Yes I’m aware that a brief can change during the conceptual stage, but what infuriates me is when you find yourself at the original idea that wasn’t deemed ‘challenging enough’ at the time – 360 degree conceptual tour.  It’s one of those ‘I told you so’ moments that you swallow, before materialising – yep, that’s advertising I hear you say.

Here are some delights that made grumpy Monday less grumpy.

You think you have it bad?

Phat old skool track – random, hilarious vid

This is what happened to me when I was born (so my mum says)

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