Grumpy Monday – Man Flu

Today I’ll be mostly exaggerating what looks like the beginning of a cold and will most definitely tune into something more serious – MAN FLU.

My immune system usually takes a tumble around November, but the onslaught of booze this weekend has brought the sniffles in earlier.

“Thou shall not drink booze again, ever” is becoming a common wake up call.

Let’s face it.  Alcohol IS great.

I suppose it’s more about the balance, growing up and leaving behind the binge drinking culture.  It should be about fine ales and finer wine.

This will change, especially the way I feel today.

I can’t wait to get home, under the duvet, warm coco and all that soft shit.  No.  Christmas is on my mind, pitch-bitch function GO.

The idea’s there – “just needs a rocket up its arse”.

Enjoy today’s links as I’ll be too busy to do so.




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