A late Grumpy Monday – Death

Unintentional silence lingers in the air as the thoughts of others get as far as the ends of their lips, hurtling back down the throat in one big gulp, coming out where the sun doesn’t shine – phrawp.

The floor becomes centre stage, neck muscles stiffen, an osteopath’s wet dream.

Death – how does one cope?

Silence?  Laughter?  Food?  Booze?

I suppose one goes in the auto pilot and tries not to think too much. A difficult task when thinking is apart of my everyday, no rest for the mind, as it dives into the un-known, splitting words, atoms and merging them back into ideas.

Actually, maybe that’s my solution.  Keep thinking, keep learning and keep busy.

But first I need a smile, cheeky grin to ease the pain of the Grumpy Monday blues:


Via @fergusjackson



via The Daily What

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