Grumpy Monday – “Bored to death”

My grip on reality becomes tedious, thin, fraying – breaking point.  It’s Monday, another week, another list of ‘to-dos’ that resonate with the ‘to-dos’ from last week.

A brief finally lands on our desk, it’s a motherfucker, right up my street – best crack on with that first *pushes to-do list to the side*

The relationship between one starts to crack and you wonder who is to blame, but sit back, post rationalize and you’ll realize that it’s you – lying to yourself.

Sticking to plans, doing what you’ve said you’d do.  Why is it so difficult to tick these off?

We’ve all been there:  I’ll be home by 9pm – arrive at 11.30pm, or you’ll decide to save money – you end up buying a new wardrobe, or even eat pack-lunches for a month – you get takeaway 3 times a week.

But is there a difference between telling porkies and getting distracted?

I read an interesting article the other day and I may have the answer.

A new ennui epidemic is here – Boredom.

This isn’t the kind of boredom you experienced as a child were picking your nose was a valid way to entertain all.  Boredom has passed puberty and evolved into something much greater and could cause us problems in the near future.

Boredom = craving for more stimulation.

We live in a world dictated by technology which has forced us to live in a multi-tasking environment. We’re no longer satisfied with reading a book, we have listen to music at the same time and it doesn’t stop there – we eat at the same time too.

When you sit down and have tea tonight, see how many other things you’re subconsciously doing and then think back to the last time you concentrated on one thing at a time.

I’ve decided to film myself as an experiment to see if I can go cold turkey from technology.  No phone.  No laptop.  No music.  All I’ll have is a newspaper, pen and note-book – analogue!

Creativity will become my weapon against boredom and I don’t need technology’s help – or so I hope.

Remember this: “only boring people get bored” – BINGO.

My inspiration has come from my current read – Caught in Play “How entertainment works on you”, Peter G. Stromberg.

Right, back to this bastard of a brief, but before I go here are some fabulous links to ease the pain of those Monday blues…

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