Grumpy Monday – work that arse.

Time goes fast, then slow and sometimes grounds to a complete halt. That’s how I’m feeling today – can I go home yet?

9 / 10 years have past since I last look in the mirror and nodded in agreement that I felt well. No pain. No aches.

Is it just a myth, or can you actually feel 100% well?

I’d have to go way back to my childhood to search for that feeling. I suppose it was never a concern, too busy tapping away at the Commodore 64.

Maybe that’s the cure. Not to think about it – the aches and pains.

Mind over matter…but it’s never that easy just to forget.

The overly, touchy-feely physiotherapist suggested I work on my gluteus and core more.

It’s all bio-mechanical – learn to walk again.

This will dictate my gym routine for the next couple of months, so whilst those muscle-bound freakasauruses workout their upper regions, I’ll be squatting on all fours executing the gluteus extension.

The shit has to be removed as far away from the fan as possible.

I miss football, squash and my bike ride into work.

No smiles from me today, enjoy the clips below.

via @ruralistrob



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