Escaping the Pyramid…

Bestival is fast approaching and I’m still yet to decide if my 7D is coming along for the ride.

A few worries:  It gets stolen.  I lose it.  I get trashed – it gets trashed.

The camera is insured so I shouldn’t worry.

First I need to do is buy a solid bag that binds with my body and intertwines with the skeletal system.

One other major factor is that the camera bag can’t look like a camera bag – get me?

A few people have recommended me a Billingham Hadley bag (below):

Any other fancy dandy bags you know of please let me know.

This could become my promotional treat – possibly the fittest cliché out their.

The main reason in taking the 7D is to come back with a short film about Bestival.

I found this 5 minute film on Glastonbury, shot on a Nikon D3.  A little too long for my liking but enjoyed it nevertheless.

Advise away people:  Take the 7D or not?

One comment on “Escaping the Pyramid…

  1. stu
    July 15, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

    No I wouldn’t! But if you did don’t get that bag its MASSIVE! and eveyone will know you have something expensive inside it

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