Grumpy Monday – Fatty? Relocation…

Today’s been a weird one. It all started fairly well as I made my way through the herd of people at Stockwell underground. As always, everyone is looking down, reading their papers with no sign of emotion to their blunt pissed off “I shouldn’t have taken this day off” face. Why can’t people just smile? That was my first challenge – make someone smile.

I look up, calculated the perfect route in and found my arse sitting down on the perfect seat – in front, an easy-on-the-eye lady reading Harry Potter. Just before I dived in to my own world, a lady standing in front, her core fails and she starts to sway.

Was she ill, fat or pregnant? I scanned for clues, “baby on board” badge, commitment patches, or chocolate bar packaging poking from her bag – none. I stood up and offered her my place – I decided with obesity, it made me feel and look good among the others in the carriage.

The morning flew by and the next thing I knew I was working my abs with the Swiss ball whilst some gym freak showed off next to me by executing some fine medicine ball press ups! After, I started to feel like Scarface about a coke binge, jumping from cloud nine to nineteen.

Suddenly a gust of stress floats through the window at work and collides directly with the side of my face. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t feeling like Scarface, but more like I’d been kicked in the face.

Reloction Relocation, or even Come Dine With me are to blame – tediously.

One moment we’re talking, the next we’re looking and finally we could be buying – or that’s how I feel – still a long way off – phew. Buying a house. It’s not the easiest thing I’ve tried to do, but hang on, since when did living become a breeze.

First childhood, then a teenager, then the pre-adult stage, propelled through adulthood and then you realize that you’re an ADULT – a man. I’m not sure where I fit in, but I do heart Paul Smith for the following:

“My whole life is about being childlike; not childish, but childlike. Which means you have a lateral mind; a lateral way of thinking. You are curious.”

Take it or leave it.

So what links have been making me smile today?

1. More ‘Erotic Falconry’ HERE

2.  Tim and Puma Mimi Perspection

Click HERE for the HD version

3.  Just incase you’re flying ‘no frills’ some time soon – enjoy.

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