Grumpy Monday – BOO…

England’s World Cup Bid:  Please correct me if I’m wrong, but England has not lost a game yet.  Ok, it’s not ideal and we need a 90 minute makeover performance on Wednesday, but FFS can we just show them a little more support.

I don’t care that you’ve spent all your children’s education funds to fly to Africa in hope that you’ll see us lift the trophy one last time before you die of aids.

Rooney was well in his back yard to vent his frustration and anger to the crowd (see below)

We need to keep SUPPORTING them (see below)

Watch in HD HERE

Next: Father’s day.

How did you treat your Father?

I’m seriously intrigued to see how many bought into those dodgy compilation albums.  When will they release a Bollywood version that I can get my dad?

Next:  Fitness

Today the gym WILL become my compadre, seeking the ultimate goal of perfection in mind, body and soul.  3 months is the longest stretch to date, I can and will beat it.

Out of 10, I’m currently floating just below the 4 mark on the grumpy Monday scale.

Here we have an influx of clips that help ease the pains that you may be experiencing on Monday morning.

For the Lads:


One for your headphones:

One for the WTF:

Enjoy…(Bucks Review coming this week…)

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