Grumpy Monday – Back to work.

This is weird.  Those butterflies are back.  Quick, someone pass the Dutch, those creatures don’t belong inside my belly.

On paper, this year is starting to look like a holiday – in reality, one big unforgettable year.

Jury Service (2 months off).  Thailand (2 weeks off).  And, finally, the tumour (1 month off, so far).

It’s time to get my grits together and get back to smashing clients imagination with stupendously creative ideas with my partner in harmony.

But first, I need to get a few things off my slightly flabby chest.

The Underground.  It never changes does it?  A delay on the Victoria line this morning forced me to divert towards the dense aired platform of the dreaded Northern line.

For some reason, everyone was acting like complete fucking retards; pushing and a shoving and a yelling.

He is one cliché people shouldn’t forget – MANNERS DON’T COST ANYTHING.

I’ll be biking in from next week.

Next: Bucks New Uni Degree Show

Having been there myself, a small part of my heart beats for Bucks.  I wouldn’t be here without going there.

London to Marylebone – ah, I missed that journey.

Wycombe looked and felt the same as it did 3 years ago.  Dusty, low budget – Coach Trip.

I wasn’t impressed.

As experience goes, I’m no Flo Heiss, Ben Kay or even Dave Trott.  But I’d like to think my words of wisdom are still relevant.

I’ll be posting my findings later on this week.

Next:  (See below – nuff said).

Finally, here are a couple of things that made me smile.

Via The Daily What

Right, best do some work.

Stay tuned in for the Bucks Degree show review.

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