Grumpy Monday – Third week off

I’m on the mend – sort of.

The pain is not as constant anymore, but when it does come, it’s like knock door run.  It’s there and then it’s gone

I’d describe the pain as a needle being driven into the side of your neck and then being moved vigorously in a circular rotation.

10am: Time to visit the G.P to find out if I can take part in Pilates, Yoga, exercise and more importantly go back to WORK???

The receptionist let me know that my G.P is away until next week, so I had to see another G.P; my Bitchbag senses started to tingle.  Within seconds I was called in, she completely misread my name – bad start.

She was pale, ill looking and gave off this positive scent that made me want to punch her directly in the face.

You know the kind of person, they could get mugged, break a leg, or witnessing the end of the world, yet they still managed to see a positive side.  How annoying.

All my concerns were greeted by a patronising nod followed by a smile, then a nod…

She turned out to be as useful as a used, split condom.

Apparently I need to speak to MY G.P, as he would be the person with the answers to my questions. She couldn’t even advise me on my wound/scar; whether I could take part in Pilates, or should I start using an ice pack…

Surely that’s basic knowledge any G.P should know.

This type of shit makes my fists clench with anger, rage and disappointment.

Why is the NHS so inconsistent?

Guy’s Hospital handled my recent operation very well.  I felt safe and like they were actually bothered about my wellbeing, kudos to all the staff.

My G.P on the other hand…

They aren’t very welcoming, they don’t care, they avoid eye contact, they nod up and down, take your temp, get you to stick your tongue out and say ah… If you’re lucky, you’ll get a prescription.

My issue is how slow they are when it comes to identifying a problem and then dealing with it.

I’m seriously considering going private or taking a health plan with someone.

Would you recommend anywhere good?

With that early morning fracas out the way, I’m back on the sofa, watching another round of Jeremy Kyle:

“I’ll prove I never cheated with your neighbour… Lie detector results!”

Typical bunch of pikey, scuttbags. Where do they find these type of human beings?

Why don’t they show some shocking revelations from middle class families?

“My father wouldn’t buy me a Porsche, so I slept with my Uncle and now I’m pregnant”

Next:  I can’t believe another dance group have won Britain’s got talent.  Yes, talented, different? NO.  I like the guys below.

Next: Last week, I caught up on series “Luther”.  Reminded me of The Shield, but less aggressive.  If you have time to kill, then  watch it on BBC i-player.

Next: I’ve created a new flicker set: Behind the fashion glass.

My first upload:  A fabulously grand jewel encrusted belt! I love it, what are your thoughts?

Next: A couple of tunes I’m banging out at the moment.

And as always, a couple of YT clips to help ease the pain of your Monday Blues

Via Rowan

James Corden and football work – although it could have been edited better, way too long.

One last link Via @Fergusjackson

>NORWEGIAN NINJA Movie Trailer <

Right, time to complete a piece of writing I’m hopeing to get published in The Guardian – will keep you posted.



One comment on “Grumpy Monday – Third week off

  1. lesringardes
    June 7, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    I love the belt !


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