Summer = Hawaiian Shirts (authentic).

Summer is hurtling towards us, winter clothes are boxed and back at the parents’ home in the garage.  The pastel colours, flip-flops, vests and lashings of skin are finding their way back in the open air.  There is one other thing I’ll be introducing back to the world:  The Hawaiian Shirt.

Before you FALLOFFCHAIRLAUGHOUTLOUD, take a deep breath, make a cup of tea, pull out a hobnob and hear what I’ve got to say.

I’ve NEVER been a fan of the Hawaiian Shirt.

Why?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an authentic one, only in the movies – Miami Vice (80s)

And I’ve only ever seen those horrid replicas you find the local stag group wearing, who are ‘out on the lash’, struggling to stand up straight and hold a civilised conversation with the local “hello my friend” kebab man.

The mold has grown beyond maintenance, its not like cheese, were you simply cut it off, nibble away.  This is the kind you find in student flats, growing behind the bed headrest, in the corners of wardrobes mixing among your clothes, not to mention the scutty, piss ridden toilets they seem to think are clean, what’s that in the corner? Is this what the Hawaiian Shirt has become? Fumigation is the only answer, maybe I can help.

“Vintage Sale”…

… was the sign that dragged my eyes off the road as we made our way back from seeing the mummified monk.

We parked up and walked into the makeshift shop (made out of bamboo and leaves), in search of some vintage goodies.  Our curiosity got the better of us, the place was full of fake football tops and what looked like ‘fifth-hand shoes’.  We headed for the exit and literally stumbled over the finally stand, the Hawaiian Shirt stand.

An influx of bad childhood memories began their way from my feet, flowing through my  body and towards my brain; the time I wasn’t allowed Nike Air Max 91, or that Claud Butler mountain bike, or a Sega Mega Drive, or even that Pager I really, really wanted.

The emotion became physical through a tear that trickled down my left eye, but reality struck, I realised that it was actually one of many sweat beads running down my forehead.

My mum would have never brought me one of these shirts.

Now I have the POWER, the MONEY.

I was standing in front of 50 original Hawaiian Shirts.  Some were horrid, a lot seemed to be donated by the world’s fattest man, and then others from Pingping (R.I.P).

The Lady found 2 and me, 4.

Below you can see a couple of mine (I’ll post the others when I get the chance).

The first screams out the 80s, away from the leathers, denim and Mickey Mouse prints, most people wouldn’t wear it.   That’s why I like it, very loud, very moi.

The second is even louder.  There’s a lot more detail within the shirt, could be one hell of a tattoo design.  I like the contrast from the between the electric colours.

SO, what do you all think?  Am I going to look like a missing member of the stag group?  Or is it time for the ‘real’ Hawaiian to make a come back?

*Quick update on me health.  I’m back home in Grantham, currently trying to ‘rest/relax’ – My next post will be titled: Home Sweet Home – or is it?  I’ll be spending a little more time on the writing, as I’ll be sending it off to a national rag in hope for publication. Please let me know what you think along the way, as it could make all the difference when being judged.

2 comments on “Summer = Hawaiian Shirts (authentic).

  1. Charlotte
    May 27, 2010 at 10:20 pm #

    MMM HMMMM!! H*O*T!!

    I am loving these hawaiian shirts!

    You are going to love my new purchase (I hope) – it hasn’t arrived yet, but I will keep you informed!!

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

    • Bitchbag
      May 29, 2010 at 11:26 am #

      Let me know when it arrive! Thanks for the comment x

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