The Tumour and I (DAY 1): 17th May – Op Day

*being me, I went into hospital armed with my moleskin, pen and camera.  I wanted to document my experience and share them with you through writing, imagery and film.  Here is Day 1 – feel free to comment.

Admissions Ward, again.  Nothing changes, trust me, you’d do anything to wish you were older, sitting here, in this room; perfect temperature for cheap wine and out of date olives.

My parents are on their way.

I’m now feeling warm, sweaty – nervous.

The parents arrive, my name is called and off I go past the thin, blue, frail looking curtains.  Time to ditch the skinnys, t-shirt & vans for something a little more NHS.



A nurse takes the lead as he opens the double doors after doors, after doors…  all the staff are white, pasty, ill looking – show me some colour, some hope.

The final doors are opened, the operating room:  4 people, 2 of them female students, 1 with a cheeky smile – possible my hope.

There is no bed, I look over to the pretty one for some comfort, but this only creates an awkward, first kiss scenario.

What to say, as I stand there with my arse and big toe hanging out?

She saves “Is this your first operation?”

The bed arrives and saves, as I eagerly jump onto the table, shuffling for comfort (trying to keep my manhood private).

Surgeon: “Ok, think about your holiday, those white beaches…”
Me: “I went to Thailand, those red shirts, drive by shootings…”
Surgeon: “Ermm…”

I managed to get to the 4 count before I was gone.  I was now in their hands.  See you later.

One comment on “The Tumour and I (DAY 1): 17th May – Op Day

  1. infinitecontinues
    May 20, 2010 at 1:27 pm #

    That’s some nice writing there, Dip. Get well soon champ x

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