Grumpy Monday

I’m back, in one piece, feeling very well.  Despite the Red Shirts, drive-by-shootings, homemade bombs, chavs and pikeys (there is a difference), Thailand treated was mega.  Well rested, well tanned and certainly ready to take on the world again.


First I must take care of a little something – The Tumour.

My date with destiny (the surgeon) has come early than expected – I wasn’t hoping to use that cliché until I was at least wearing false dentures, but no,  it’s today, 11am at Guy’s Hospital.

It’s about the size of a knuckle, currently hibernating behind the left ear lobe.  Several visits to hospital have revealed that it’s benign – phew.

I’m going to be in hospital for up to three days and then under the sheets at home for the rest of the week – birthday, bank holiday weekend included – brilliant.

For the people in the know and invited, I’ll be moving my birthday to the weekend after.  I’m looking into Thorpe Park during the day, then finishing off at Gordon’s Wine bar in Embankment.

Coming Soon

My time in Thailand – A daily micro account told over 14 days.
Thailand HD.

The blog will be back on form, when I am.  Keep with it.

I’ll leave you with the following links that have made my day:

One comment on “Grumpy Monday

  1. Mike
    May 23, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    “Cuts an enormous flipping hole!!!”

    I respect the fact the he’s worn a tie to wield a sword, it makes it all the more worthwhile.

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