Grumpy Monday

Sleep deprivation is normally self-inflicted – you go out, stay out and then stroll in at stupid-a-clock.  For me it was another issue – I played the night watchman.  With that aside I only have a couple of issues to share:  Firstly, will the planes be back in action a week today?  Secondly, will the protests in Bangkok still tent outside the front door of my hotel?  I hope both are fixed, ASAP.  I need a break, change of scenery and sound.

On a plus side, United sailed to a comfortable victory over City, whilst Chelsea and Arsenal crumbled.  Today I’m going to be working late, which is shit, but when you love your job, you don’t mind the extra time.

I’ll leave you with a couple of images today.  Firstly it’s the ‘going up, going down’ league table from The Sunday Times Style Mag.  3-D Clubbing!  I must try it.  Alex Reid’s Eyebrows!  No thank you.

Secondly, here is a brilliant sign to stop those pesky religious gibbons from disturbing you in your own home.

Sorry, I may as well finish off with a self plug: Photos from the weekend.

More HERE.

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