Grumpy ‘hungover’ Monday

Another Monday, another grumpy mood, but only me, myself and I to blame; dancing with the devil on Friday and Sunday seemed to be a great idea at the time – but not now.

Saturday was more timid; I spent the day with The Lady in Portobello.  She wondered off, looking for vintage items to get her little hands on, to customise and then sell on.  I spent most of the time with the 7D, capturing some HD madness.

I noticed something.

Many moons ago, when I was a clubbing & festival photographer, I never hesitated to take that shot I wanted, or to film.

That day I realised my courage had vanished, flown the coop, disintegrated.  I asked myself “should I ask first, or just snap away”- I eventually found my balls and did the latter.

Is it an age thing, or have I just been away from the lens too long?

Today I’ll leave you with a four brilliant things I’ve seen over the weekend.

1.  Brilliant, Award winning, Moorish ad campaign that I can’t get enough of.


2.  Simple, cheesy insight for Subway.

3. The Lady’s Pussycat – Bubba

4. Alcohol Insight – If only…

*Broken Promises post coming soon*

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