Grumpy ‘Monday’

Morning all, what a delightful Easter I’ve had.  Firstly, I spent £85 on petrol.  £1.22 per litre in London compared to £1.15 in Lincolnshire.  Secondly, I lost one of my nine lives – possibly even more in one unbelievable act of stupidity.  After a ‘couple’ of beers (3), I drove home.  100 yards away from my garage, the blue flashing lights shone through the misty rear window.  Shit.

I wasn’t driving erratically, or speeding – apparently my car wasn’t MOT’d.  I couldn’t believe it; I’m very anal when it comes to my car.  I’ve been committing a crime since September!  My other worry was that they’ll breathalyse me, 3 pints is borderline – stupid. Thank whoever was above me, watching down below making sure all I received was a £30 fine.  Lesson learnt.

Do I have anything good to report?

1. The parents know about the Tumour – although I don’t think they totally understood what I was saying.

2. I bumped into Will Young on Sunday at the Royal Oak pub on Columbia Road, East London.

3. I’ve taken loads of amazing photos and also played with the HD.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with March 2010 in 60 seconds and the amazing new clip from “Will it blend?”

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