Grumpy Monday – New Wardrobe

This weekend was interesting.

I decided to break free from the traditional Friday night piss up with work and experience a little something different.  The Lady suggested we open our minds and go to the V&A late night.  I still can’t comprehend the amount of drunks there was walking around, poking the artefacts whilst struggling to stand upright.  For me it was too touristy and full of over-generously proportioned humans, mainly couples.

Saturday was dedicated to my short documentary/film.  I met up with an old friend at The ICA and pulled the idea apart, and then sewed it back together. Very productive and very excited.  Need to do things.  O yeah, The Lady cooked a kickass Thai Green curry.

Sunday was horrid – The Lady forced me to go to Primark.  The place was scattered with overeager tramps, which had left their manners under the rock they crawled out from.  The Lady came out with a new wardrobe, which got me thinking.

It’s time to ditch the checked shirts, baggy jeans, trainers and move over to something a little more buff, individual, me.  I’ve got a lot of shit that needs to be arranged into sections: Sell, Charity Shop, Family.  I’ll be link up some items I’m selling so keep your spare change free.

The first thing on my list is a new man bag/holdall.  I’m digging these two:

Found HERE


Found HERE.

Then I want to buy some new shoes.  I like these:

Found HERE.

The rest of my wardrobe will come from Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters, Vintage shops and charity shops.  I may even treat myself and get a Wax Rainmac from Percival. Below is their promotional vid directed by Alex Turvey.

What are your thoughts?  Anything you’ve seen that I should don on in the near future?

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