Newbie alert.

Is this the end of my analogue life? You know, face-to-face book, meeting people for real and keeping to the expression, ‘see you later’.

If you look closer at the image below you will see my recent purchase, a PS3, the porthole to the online world.

I went for the PS3 for 2 reasons:

1. Blue Ray. No, I don’t want to buy a separate Blue Ray player for less than £100.

2. The majority of my crew own a PS3. Plus, I can’t stand the x-box controller.

This decision wasn’t rushed; I’ve been deliberating for ages, since the birth of the obese model. Now, I’ve never been a massive gamer, I just enjoyed the odd game of PES with my cousins. I know people who take it far too seriously and spend most of their spare time furiously tapping away at the controls.

The once opened door soon closes, leaving you diving for cover every time you walk past. The sound of an ak-47, unloading its magazine through the keyhole is to blame.

Reality soon becomes second nature as the gamers’ twitch, becomes public. I remember one time whilst watching ‘real’ football, in the pub, when all of the sudden a leg spasmodically flings out, knocking all the drinks off the table, not putting the ball in the back of the net as presumed.

Finally, by default you become single. Not a problem when you can find an online lady within seconds these days.

I’ve seen the above happen.

Ok, not all symptoms came from one person, more a mixture of several. I’m not saying that ALL gamers are like the above, some can mix the two and be fine,  but others are utter nerds. I don’t want to become like that.

I mentioned a friend’s blog in the previous post (he’s a serious gamer and has a GIRLFRIEND). Please kill me if I ever become like him*

My sudo name would have been Bitchbag, but for some cunty reason I can’t have. If you fancy a game of PES10, add me – Mistrydip.

*only kidding son, your blog is now linked and more importantly, liked :o)

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