Vita and I – The final post

New Years Eve was spent with the Lady’s friends for a civilised shindig, at Warwick Avenue (Warrington Arms). We decided to take Vita with us, as the pub would allow the dog inside.

This would mean taking Vita on the underground (watch below) during the fracas of NYE, drunks and sluts goggling over her, trying to get a feel.

All of that did happen, but it was mainly the sluts who copped a feel.  I don’t remember much of the night, apart from drinking shots with a look-a-like (Barry from Eastenders) and seeing in the New Year with Vita and the Lady.  We weren’t allowed through to the other side of the pub, where they did the count down.  Something to do with Vita.  From what I remember (very little) getting home was a breeze; Vita and I shared the Lady’s shoulders.  The Lady told me what actually happened the morning after.  I puked and insulted her friends.  Brilliant night.

So this brings me to the end of Vita and I.  It’s been a helter-skelter of a ride featuring a few highs colliding with the comedowns. My duties were finally relieved last night, when her owners picked her up.  Silence settled, as we sat down to watch War of the Worlds.  Confusion still clouds over the experience.  Did the time sprint past or swim along like Eric Eel?

Moments of delight where available, mostly when she’s curled up in to a semi circle, dog dreaming of bones, dogging, pissing and shitting wherever she wants, without me giving chase and rubbing her nose in the deed.  She’s very cute at those times.  Not too bad.  However, I think I’ll postpone my plans of getting a dog until further notice.  Feel shattered.

So, now it’s time to finalise the Vita count and share her progression and destruction.

Vita Count (indoors)

Piss count 34 – Poo count 6 – Sick count 1

Destruction (not including carpet stains)

1 man bag handle chewed. Not sure how long before the handle will break off.

1 chewed Sony Ericsson mobile phone charger.  Totally destroyed.

1 custom flip-flop chewed, think these will be fine though.


Vita has learnt to sit on command (still a mission when around new surroundings)
Vita can bark (she was quiet the first 3 days)
Vita can jump on to the IKEA sofa (we usually pick her up)

It’s the first day without Vita.  The rather extended lay in was loved.   No piss or poo on the floor, and certainly no howling when things heated up.

I’ll miss her, a little.

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