Vita and I – Cemetery Visit (Day 7)

Vita is learning more and more, this is most likely because of the routine she is being put through.  Any change seems to throw her off board.  Last night, we all slept well.  A good start to the day, just what the Lady needed as she was going to visit her Granddads resting place today; Joe Keywood.  At first I was going to stay in with Vita, as the last thing I wanted is to see was her peeing or shitting near any grave. She over excited as always but behaved.  I felt odd here.  I’ve already had my fair share of funerals, but in my religion we get cremated.  Our ashes are then spread wherever the living see fit.

Today we drove back home to my rents, my Dad will love to Vita again.  The drive home was a little different as I had two bitches in the front.   Vita falls asleep and my lady does too.  I don’t see why they can’t keep me entertained along the way, especially as I’m driving.  It didn’t take them too long before they both past out (see below).

It’s been a week since I first adopted Vita.  Feels so much longer, a drag, a thick rope becoming weak.

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